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Umbrella Tool Changer

done.  Thanks.

I e-mailed support about this 5 days ago and still haven't received the configured code.  The tool changer is advertised in the documentation as working.  There is no mention of it being an untested or alpha/beta test item.  Does anyone have a setup where the Masso recognizes the correct number of slots?  Is there anything I can do on my end to get this working?

as there had been so much communication going on regarding your spindle index pulse issue from the encoder, we could not proceed before the proper I/O signals could be established. anyways, we have emailed you the new updated logic as per your new VFD indexing/locking signals, please try the software and let us know.

Awesome.  Thanks!  I am sending over another video of some initial testing.  One thing we are seeing that I think would be useful for customers is some odd timing issues with the tool count and the home sensor.  On our system these don't occur at the same time so various scenarios around homing and advancing to the current tool result in getting to the wrong position.  Our system uses magnetic proximity switches for these sensors so we have adjusted when and where the tool count is read, but now the same problem occurs just at a different place in the process.  The controller reads the home switch just fine, but the tool count switch is phased behind the home switch and the system thinks it advanced a tool when in fact it did not.  Maybe a setting could be added to recognize a leading or trailing tool count switch?  Are other systems configured with perfectly in sync tool changer switches?  I was trying to work through how other users may avoid this issue.

can you please try inverting the tool count input on MASSO as that might fix the issue.

@jonunder were you able to try the new software on the machine?