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Vacuüm cleaner


I am connecting a vacuüm cleaner and I would like it to start with the spindle.
I have connected a relay to output 1 and in the F1 screen I have adjusted relay output 1 to flood / mist, but nothing happens.
I use Vectric Aspire and this would add the M code (flood / mist).
Someone a solution?

Thanks in advance.

Greetings, Martin

Can you control two relays via the spindle output? The spindle and the vacuum cleaner start together and then go out together. seems to be a solution 😉

Hi Martin,


Pin2 and Pin3 in the spindle output are all TTL signal you cannot used this output directly. The best solution is if you are using vfd there is the relay there that you can use. Every time the spindle is ON the relay will open. You can hook up your vacuum there.

Maybe this could help..





Hi Rex,

thanks for your reply.
I have a 220v spindle.
I hoped you could connect 2 relays to 1 pin so that they both turn on / off. 

Greetings, Martin

No need for two relays just multiple contacts. See attached link:



Please take time to understand that the Masso Output pins cannot support the electrical loads from a typical relay.  These connections are standard TTL output signals circuits only.  TTL outputs are meant to provide hi or low output signals using very low power electronic circuits.   If you connect a standard relay to those pins it will likely burn up the chip on your Masso controller.  Trust me I learned the hard way.

Cheers, Stephen Brown


I will be using something like this .

Quote from testyourdesign on August 14, 2019, 12:51 am


Please take time to understand that the Masso Output pins cannot support the electrical loads from a typical relay.  These connections are standard TTL output signals circuits only.  TTL outputs are meant to provide hi or low output signals using very low power electronic circuits.   If you connect a standard relay to those pins it will likely burn up the chip on your Masso controller.  Trust me I learned the hard way.

Cheers, Stephen Brown

Hi Stephen,
First thanks for your answer.
I have connected the Mafell spindle and the vacuum cleaner both via 1 relay. It works great. In the future i would like a VFD watercooled spindle but for now it works well.

Greetings, Martin


Uploaded files:
  • 220V-SSR-Solid-State-Relay-10A-25A.jpg_350x350.jpg

Straight out of MASSO manual.


Uploaded files:
  • Relay-Connections-1024x653.png

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